Do you want to rent a car or a van for a longer period of time? Are you looking for a new business car or do you want to try out a vehicle for private use? Then either long-term rental or leasing is an option. The Zurich car rental Rentava has about 50 vehicles in its fleet. Due to our versatile offer you have a wide choice to find your new dream car. With us you can rent a car for 2 years with an all-inclusive package, with which you are well equipped for the road.

Car long-term rental – is it profitable for me?

Wer ein Auto für 2 Jahre mieten möchte, sollte sich zuerst die Frage stellen: Kommt eine Auto Langzeitmiete überhaupt in Frage?

As a company

Long-term car rental can be very interesting for companies and businesses. After all, employees can be provided with a company car in a very uncomplicated way. This can be a worthwhile solution if you have only recently founded a company and do not yet want to invest in (another) company car. But even if you know that you are always very busy in the summer, for example, and only need an additional vehicle for this period, this solution is profitable. A big advantage of this long-term rental is the high flexibility. Thus, depending on the company’s needs, a car or van can be exchanged for a new model in a different size. Because it is quite possible that the needs of the customers change and you want to adapt to them. With a long-term rental, this is possible without any problems. It can also help you for the future to find out which vehicle is suitable for your needs.

As a private person

But also for private persons it makes sense to rent a car for 2 years or more. Those who need a car for a limited period of time for business or other reasons, for example when moving to Switzerland, can consider a long-term rental. Because, when moving from Germany to Switzerland, for example, a car must be registered and properly taxed. But not only for the move, but also for leisure, such a model can be worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be great to drive a convertible through the city or out into the countryside in the summer? Even if you have wished for it for a long time, you have probably hardly decided to sell your existing car just to feel the summer breezes. Rentava offers you the perfect alternative with a long term rental. Check out this useful and affordable option for yourself!

Test first, save budget, then buy.

Why buy the dream car directly, perhaps the necessary budget is still missing? In addition, the insurance are often very costly, which must be included from the beginning. Also, depending on the car, the right tires are anything but cheap. All these points can be complex and expensive, which is why it is worth thinking about a long-term rental at the beginning.

You can rent a car with us for 2 years and more and are well equipped for the roads with our all-inclusive package. In addition to the various extras, such as the service of the car, there is also a breakdown service for emergencies. With this package we can offer you a really comfortable service with a top vehicle and with the greatest flexibility. The only thing you have to take care of is that there is always enough gas in your tank.

Test a car with a long-term rental

In addition, renting a car for a period of 2 years can help with the purchase decision. The long-term rental can be used as a test phase. Are you interested in an electric car? With a long-term rental, for example, you can first test whether you are satisfied with the driving experience and the car before buying. Among other things, you can rent a Tesla from us.

Long-term rental of a car for 2 years is the rental of a vehicle for a fixed period of time. Repairs and inspections are carried out by the competent team of Rentava. As a car rental company, we assume the duties of a “landlord”.

You have questions about a long term rental and want to rent a car for 2 years? Contact Rentava now.